Island Lifestyle By C Carroll | Entry 3

Island lifestyle

Working with a hotel in a Caribbean island where my office can be an outdoor table sitting under the shades of an almond tree, while the Jamaican breeze of the west end sweeps by and brings the smells of either green plant being smoked by Rastas or the fresh lobsters being grilled...While my POV  is the 50 shades of blue of the Caribbean Sea while dolphins and sting rays jump up for a pocket show every now and then...well, you get the point...makes you feel incredibly lucky. 

When I am there, I'm grateful. All the troubles (most of them) of being an entrepreneur in a foreign country where your connection with their culture is simply admiration are suddenly minimized by the feelings your sense invite in while living the experience. There I get reminded of my love for natural and organic forms, shapes, feelings, colors, textures...On my day to day life, I try to indulge in all things that keep bringing me back to that feeling. 

I usually wake up early and try to go to bed early. My bed is my sanctuary, something that I only discovered after I went through my divorce and rediscovered my own space. Now that I remarried I enjoy nighttime routines, like my skin care and dressing up for bed and Campo allows me to do that. I feel special when wearing that to sleep. 

C Carroll 

pajama set lounge set

Seen here in the Bianca Pajama Set in Milk at The Cliff Hotel in Jamaica


Chanda is a mother of 2, entrepreneur and tastemaker. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she has lived in Milan, and calls Miami home for the past 2 decades. Her most recent project is a boutique hotel in Negril, Jamaica which she shares with her husband. @chandacarroll @thecliffjamaica


Describe your perfect date and the outfit you would wear? "A movie, glass of wine, dinner in bed and comfy pajamas!"

Name something that you as a woman do better than a man. "Multitask."

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? "Teletransportation, patience, and to be able to eat anything without it affecting my body!"

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