Campo Feelings by M Lopes | Entry 6

Campo Feelings

Living like CAMPO. You know the feeling when you read poetry from Alberto Caeiro and all his Carpe Diem way of life. All his simplicity and extract of nice values in which it was possible to feed the soul. Making sensations a very important thing. Or when you watched Sophia’s Copolla movie, Marie Antoniette, or just read her biography and got amused when she moved to her petit Palais to live the life that she wants. With the clothes, she wants to wear and was not obligated to,  surrounded by people she cared about and cared about her. Well, at one point in my life I desired that too (I know that those references are a little bit crazy, but I love them) and started to look for and pursue this. Unfortunately, it didn't look like a palace in Versailles or a simple life in Portugal but gave me the amazing feeling of breathing a pure air of joy, That's all I think about when I think of CAMPO.

To finish this text my favorite frase of this amazing Portuguese author:


“O amor é uma companhia.

Já não sei andar só pelos caminhos,

Porque já não posso andar só”.


Love is company.I no longer know how to walk alone on the paths,Because I can't walk alone anymore.

M. Lopes

vitoria summer dress

Seen here lounging in the Vitoria Dress in Starlight Blue

Mariana Lopes is a style consultant helping others always look their best. Lives in Brasil and currently interns at Campo in Miami. @mlopesconsultoriadeestilo

Favorite weekend activity? "Going out with friends, going to art exhibitions and watching movies. I know I am a nerd."

If you could cook a meal with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be with and what would you be eating? "Timothee Chalamet and a pasta. Who knows, maybe he will read this someday and invite me out for dinner."

What is the biggest mistake women make when getting dressed? "Trying to wear pieces that are on trend, but they don't actually appeal to the woman's taste or personal style."


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