I wanted to share a realization that had impacted my life for the better.

If you start noticing that you are reliving the same situations, I urge you to stop just for a second and think. The universe or whatever you want to call it is always on your side. What is put in front of you repeatedly is to bring your attention to the issue. There is always a sign to guide you. Pay attention and the solution will come. I promise.

On a lighter note, when I wear the "Gina" I feel like a Queen! Cincha's design (btw that's how you pronounce her name) remind me of the feeling that I had when I was wearing my mom's design, I felt invincible. It had been a long time since a piece of clothing made me feel that powerful. She clearly knows what she is doing, and she respects Mother Earth while doing it, so, what else could we possibly ask for.


gina bodysuit

Seen here in the Gina Bodysuit in Milk in her home

Gina Da Piedade is a mother and writer. Born in Paris, France, she has also lived in Dublin, NY, and Miami. Her family is originally from Benin, a small country in West Africa. @ginissime


Name a place you have visited that is unforgettable and why? "The Grand Canyon. I had seen it in pictures many times but in real life it's magnificent." 

If and actress played you in a movie, dead or alive, who would it be? "Jodie Turner Smith!"

If you were a famous musician, what kind of music would you play? "EDM POP (like Diplo)"



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